Time Lecture

Lecture on Time:

1. Here is a pdf of the lecture:


People/Things Mentioned (slide number in brackets and the more obvious not linked etc.):

Thomas Harriot (9, moon images, plus sunspots 83), School of Athens (Rapheal)(20), Plato, Aristotle, Books used for images: Apian (45 and similar), Fludd (46 and similar), Kircher (66 and similar); Tycho Brahae (99), Kepler (117),  Scheiner (84 and similar), Bramante, Bernini, Andrea Pozo (134), Guarini (132), Juan Carumel DeLobkowitz (166), Leibniz (170), Spinoza (182), Re: Emergence from “How the Leopard Changed its Spots” Brian Goodwind (190), Soldier Lichen (200), Robert Smithson (201)

Please email if anything is missing or unclear etc.


Research #4

The first group photo dissolved. Here is the second:

Final Preparations/Location Class #4

Dear All

We (Cole, Jess, Petia and I) spent the weekend sleuthing the perfect research walk. And we think we have found one that has a bit of everything. Cole, Jess, and Petia have developed a package of maps and information as well as a methodology. They will introduce you to the ideas and practices as well as lead you through some of the most astonishing parts of our transect. This will be a modern research walk in the spirit of Lewis and Clark or Alexander von Humbolt or … (I have added some links to contemporary walking practices here).


We will meet at 10am at the Richard DeKorte Park. The address is:

2 De Korte Park Plz

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

Here is a link to google maps showing the location. You will need to drive there. There are no other forms of transportation. If you need a ride let us co-ordinate via email as a group. Please research directions carefully! And let us be on time. This is important. My cell # 207.332.6097


Key Items: dress warm. Good Winter boots (no mud! but lots of snow!). Bring pack with sketch book, pens pencils, Lunch + warm drink/thermos.

Other Items: Guide books to geology, history, biology etc. Maps, binoculars etc.

The Artists will be supplying equipment from their tool kit for this research walk (GPS, various cameras, maps, guides, pedometers etc.).


We will be done at 3:30pm.

More re class #4


Can people check out a number of different guides? Animal, Plant, Bird, Rock etc. from the library or bring from home. I have a couple that I will bring.

Also print out maps of the meadowlands, historic and present, plus map of transect etc.

And books on the Meadowlands….

If people have things can they post what they have?



Information for class #4

We will be making a collective walking piece next class. We will be doing a similar walk to class #3. But now having been out in the land we can begin to understand how we will need to prepare ourselves. We will try and keep to a similar time slot and I will have EXCEPTIONAL directions! We will meet up at class again 10am and go from there.

1. Imagine that you could be dropped down anywhere along our line. What equipment do you need to make sense of place? Binoculars, Guide Books, Maps, Clothes, Boots, Pack? What else — interventions? Ways to perturbating systems (works of art)? Come really prepared. We will spend the whole class in the field (bring lunch, thermos etc.). Also consider the logics of our Parameters — how should they inflect how you prepare?

2. We will be led by these three artists/urbanists/researchers: Cole Caswell & Jessica George (The Geographic Observatory), Petia Morozov. They will be sending out some notes later in the week.

3.  We will publish our work via Lulu books. Take a look. We will make something quite straight forward. But this is a great resource for direct publishing.

4. I will post more as I hear more. Please do not hesitate to email.

Best of regards


Field Trip Follow-up

All — that was a great initial exploration trip to roughly the mid point of our cut. Below are some notes and links from our discussion. Also notes and links in regards to our next class.

1. I have published parameters on the page Class parameters. Please take a look. This should be the beginning and really evolve both collectively and individually. That was a good discussion on a very complex matter — it is most exciting how we are pushing and evolving these questions.

2. Where we were: See Meadowland Page.

3. I will add a post covering next week. Look out for this.

Information for class #3

All in preparation for our third class here are some notes:

1. There is no van despite the great efforts of Michael. We will car pool. We need three cars. Just say if you have a good car for this. You can drive up to the loading dock. We can meet in the building lobby and try to leave at 10:05am sharp.

2. Here is where we are going:


directions from MSU

3. Re waking in the meadowlands. It will be cold. Please dress warmly so that you will be comfortable working outside for a bit. We will also be inside.

4. Make sure you have done the prepatory exercise work. In regards to developing a position re reality + art + nature here is a short polemic by Smithson. Here is a good interview that covers a lot of critical ground. Please read both. And remember that your responses should not begin with your current medium/art practice (your comfort zone). Dig deeply into how reality + art + nature could be re-envisioned. One further note: In the discussion about understanding reality various versions of: “reality is what I make it” had come up. Here is an interesting interview that address such a position. I think that this form of criticism puts to rest such ideas on a general level.

5. We will be having lunch/class discussion at dragonfly after walking etc. We will be discussing the more conceptual part of the assignment in detail. And from this we will develop collective operating parameters for the class. Should be an exciting day!

Best of regards to all and please do not hesitate to email with any questions.