Information for class #3

All in preparation for our third class here are some notes:

1. There is no van despite the great efforts of Michael. We will car pool. We need three cars. Just say if you have a good car for this. You can drive up to the loading dock. We can meet in the building lobby and try to leave at 10:05am sharp.

2. Here is where we are going:


directions from MSU

3. Re waking in the meadowlands. It will be cold. Please dress warmly so that you will be comfortable working outside for a bit. We will also be inside.

4. Make sure you have done the prepatory exercise work. In regards to developing a position re reality + art + nature here is a short polemic by Smithson. Here is a good interview that covers a lot of critical ground. Please read both. And remember that your responses should not begin with your current medium/art practice (your comfort zone). Dig deeply into how reality + art + nature could be re-envisioned. One further note: In the discussion about understanding reality various versions of: “reality is what I make it” had come up. Here is an interesting interview that address such a position. I think that this form of criticism puts to rest such ideas on a general level.

5. We will be having lunch/class discussion at dragonfly after walking etc. We will be discussing the more conceptual part of the assignment in detail. And from this we will develop collective operating parameters for the class. Should be an exciting day!

Best of regards to all and please do not hesitate to email with any questions.



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