Richard P. Kane Natural Area (this is what the area we walked)

Some Notes and Sites in regards to the Meadowlands:

The Meadowlands is overseen by the NJ Meadowlands Commission. Please take a close look at what their site offers. Below are some links from their sites and work:

Hackensack Guide (This is a guide to the various parks on the Hackensack).

DeKorte Park (This is the big Meadowlands Park that has a number of paths and information. Also a great science and interpretation center. Worth a visit).

Meadowlands Environment Research Institute (MERI). This is the research and environment wing of the Meadowland Commission. This site is really worth exploring.

General Historical Mapping.  You can look at aerial photomapping going back to 1930. Here is another good historical map. Plus some interactive Maps.

An issue of the journal Urban Habitats on the region. Excellent — very informative. Must read.


Mobile Guide


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