Information for class #4

We will be making a collective walking piece next class. We will be doing a similar walk to class #3. But now having been out in the land we can begin to understand how we will need to prepare ourselves. We will try and keep to a similar time slot and I will have EXCEPTIONAL directions! We will meet up at class again 10am and go from there.

1. Imagine that you could be dropped down anywhere along our line. What equipment do you need to make sense of place? Binoculars, Guide Books, Maps, Clothes, Boots, Pack? What else — interventions? Ways to perturbating systems (works of art)? Come really prepared. We will spend the whole class in the field (bring lunch, thermos etc.). Also consider the logics of our Parameters — how should they inflect how you prepare?

2. We will be led by these three artists/urbanists/researchers: Cole Caswell & Jessica George (The Geographic Observatory), Petia Morozov. They will be sending out some notes later in the week.

3.  We will publish our work via Lulu books. Take a look. We will make something quite straight forward. But this is a great resource for direct publishing.

4. I will post more as I hear more. Please do not hesitate to email.

Best of regards



One response to “Information for class #4

  1. link to the powers of ten
    a short film by ray and charles eames.

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