Final Preparations/Location Class #4

Dear All

We (Cole, Jess, Petia and I) spent the weekend sleuthing the perfect research walk. And we think we have found one that has a bit of everything. Cole, Jess, and Petia have developed a package of maps and information as well as a methodology. They will introduce you to the ideas and practices as well as lead you through some of the most astonishing parts of our transect. This will be a modern research walk in the spirit of Lewis and Clark or Alexander von Humbolt or … (I have added some links to contemporary walking practices here).


We will meet at 10am at the Richard DeKorte Park. The address is:

2 De Korte Park Plz

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

Here is a link to google maps showing the location. You will need to drive there. There are no other forms of transportation. If you need a ride let us co-ordinate via email as a group. Please research directions carefully! And let us be on time. This is important. My cell # 207.332.6097


Key Items: dress warm. Good Winter boots (no mud! but lots of snow!). Bring pack with sketch book, pens pencils, Lunch + warm drink/thermos.

Other Items: Guide books to geology, history, biology etc. Maps, binoculars etc.

The Artists will be supplying equipment from their tool kit for this research walk (GPS, various cameras, maps, guides, pedometers etc.).


We will be done at 3:30pm.


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