Time Lecture

Lecture on Time:

1. Here is a pdf of the lecture:


People/Things Mentioned (slide number in brackets and the more obvious not linked etc.):

Thomas Harriot (9, moon images, plus sunspots 83), School of Athens (Rapheal)(20), Plato, Aristotle, Books used for images: Apian (45 and similar), Fludd (46 and similar), Kircher (66 and similar); Tycho Brahae (99), Kepler (117), ¬†Scheiner (84 and similar), Bramante, Bernini, Andrea Pozo (134), Guarini (132), Juan Carumel DeLobkowitz (166), Leibniz (170), Spinoza (182), Re: Emergence from “How the Leopard Changed its Spots” Brian Goodwind (190), Soldier Lichen (200), Robert Smithson (201)

Please email if anything is missing or unclear etc.


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